Review for Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

Muggles at Bay/The Protection of the Stag

(#) jchangpa 2015-11-16

I have not read it all, at chapter 8, that I really do not finish I have to said a couple of things:
1. There is a lot of waisted words by trying to redeem the trash bin(ron). When someone due to what ever reason betray you or stap youon the back, you move out and leave him or kill him. He has nothing to safe simple he is another bigot but aparently too many think his something else.
2. Again you make the rapist be seen as someone one, hey he sold his parent to snake face. But following that same thinking why you do not save malfoy? Yeah no answer for that so some rapist most dye but the one who sold your parent mostbe save an stupid two face thought.
3. The way you make H/HR relatin is really stupid, you even let slip she was atracted to the trash bin. They are a couple or not, what you make them look stupid no matter what you think when you write this.
4. It is clear Harry knows Dumb as an ass is making him a weapon that need to dye at the end, and you spect anybody will agree with it and keep wofking with the ass.
5. He has a greate manor that is also well protected and you remove HR parent or at least that what you hint, also you pretend that he most be jumping from one friend to another. God he has a house, sure Dumb ass cannot reach him there but that is better than dealing with stupid gits.

So no I have read other of your stories and they were good, but this is just another stupid rapist are good, inteligent are stupid story