Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-27

i'm making this short and sweet because i'm so tired i can hardly breathe. or spell for that matter.

choice quotable:/How could a color so dull convince her to be so radiant?/ you get me everytime with stuff like this. i love the color usage.

i think this chapter has a lot more sustinance than the last. not that i didn't love the last chapter, but it's like comparing gummy bears to ...i dunno, let's just say pot roast. now, while the gummy bears are sweet and tasty, and nothing could be as yummy as the gummy bears, the pot roast fills you up. it's filling. i'm so tired.

funny:/"Take it back, Peter, or I'll go all medieval on your ass." He scoffed.

"I don't even know what that means. I've got nothing to be afraid of." She made a face.

"Well, at least I know I've always got you beat with brainpower." He shook his head./ i love mel and pete. the way they interact makes me laugh, and god knows i need the humor.

gah, meg and hat rack finally kissed. took for freakin' ever...but it was worth the wait.

sarah=the shit.