Review for Gene-Spliced Harry

Gene-Spliced Harry

(#) Staryfury0901 2017-09-14

Warning that this is harem/multi fic? And just what the hell is suppose to be wrong with Harry finally getting ALL the loving he deserves?! The ol' bearded wonder blunder made damn sure he wouldn't get any growing up with the Dursley's. For a SUPPOSEDLY light wizard, the ol' bearded wonder blunder sure does a lot of dark things. Why he has complete trust in Snape is a question he never seems to answer just avoid. So if Harry having a harem or multiple witches makes him very happy, I say so much the better! If it causes the ol' bearded wonder blunder to have a massive heart attack or even a massive stroke, OH I HOPE SO!!! Without him running interference Harry won't ever return to the Dursley's and he'll have a much better life. As will likely ever other magical once they realize just how much control he had of their lives!