Review for Moments in Love

Moments in Love

(#) davelister2 2017-10-27

Was reading this story and started to get déjà vu, not because I’d read it before but because it felt a lot like another story, almost as if the authors had rolled thematic dice and come up with very similar results, or one had plagiarised the other, so I went looking for the other story, I found it, under your authors page. The reason they feel similar? Same mind. Duh. Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing and maybe consider rolling the dice again and coming up with something different?

Author's response

Lol! :D
Self-plagiarisation indeed.

That's because from the Triwizard Tournament on, they're basically two different versions of the same storyline. One is the super-smutty, hentai-ish, sorta-furry catgirl!Hermione/Harry plus multiple partners, satire version, and the other (this one) is a more "serious" Harry/Hermione only, suitable for teens version.

Not everyone likes furry, non-stop porn, "Harem" fics... ;-) ...and all the material I used in HFLP was originally intended for a more serious fic like this one anyway.

I tried to make it clear at the beginning in my foreword that these would have much of the same material: "It's worth pointing out that those who have already read my other fic, Hermione's Furry Little Problem, at other sites, will recognise many scenes, particularly from Fourth Year on, as I am shamelessly plundering my own material, Though the scenes have all been rewritten for a Harry/Hermione-only pairing - there have also been numerous other revisions: expanded scenes, added scenes, deleted scenes, general clean-up and clarifications, different pairings, etc..."

Anyway, for those like you who ARE reading both fics, I hope you enjoy both versions. Eventually, I may start uploading some of my other stories here too.