Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Staryfury0901 2018-01-26

Just about everything muggle would be light years beyond the Deez. Yeah know, with all the spells fan fiction authors come up with it would be possible to easily make a six barrel Gatling gun in fifty caliber. Silenced, recoil suppressed, major lightening, unlimited ammo or just conjured ammo and the Deezs would be looking for all their missing pieces in hell. In you A/N you mentioned the Marines. Well I had a teacher at summer camp who told stories of Nam. Recon by fire was one way. But picking out a bush at the max range for a pistol and ordering a grunt to do said shows just how many wonder blunders where in charge over there. After wasting a clip of .45 attempting to hit said bush and not even worrying it, the grunt switched to the fifty mounted on the jeep. Needles to say there was nobody in, around nor under that bush. Now if you could make a fifty caliber Gatling gun that one person could hold and fire, you could also likely do it to a twenty MM or thirty MM as well. Of course those on the clean up crews wouldn't be happy you used any of the three. Now all three firing on Voldemort from three different angles at the same time would ruin his whole day. Even with multiple Horcruxes, it'd still ruin his whole day. Maybe it wouldn't kill him but he'd still have to lay low till all the holes were healed. And everything blown off regrew.