Review for Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

(#) dude35 2018-09-18

This was awesome! The thought of Umbridge going at it physically with anyone makes me want to bleach my brain, but the H/Hr part was incredibly funny and fun to read. I've always thought of either Hermione or Luna as Harry's true love and I don't care what fans of Romione say... I just don't know what Rowling was thinking putting those two in a relationship together, let alone a relationship that resulted in marriage and multiple children.

Something about wish fulfillment is what I think she said about it, which I can only take to mean that she wished for Ron and Hermione to be together at the end of the series and was determined to fulfill that no matter where the rest of the story took those characters. Ron uses her, degrades her and tries to manipulate her throughout the entire series (see the book on "charming" witches as a good example of that), and not only does she let him (possibly out of fear of losing Harry from her life if she doesn't), but she marries and procreates with him despite that. She's either a masochist or so controlled by her hormones that it overrides the part of her brain that would be telling her that getting together with Ron long-term is a ridiculously bad idea considering they can't even avoid major fights as "friends".