Review for The Accidental Harem

The Accidental Harem

(#) Staryfury0901 2019-02-13

Yeah know, with the spying network Fumblemort has in that castle, you've really got to wonder how he could possibly miss what Voldy was up to. Thus I believe it's all an attempt to mold Harry into the perfect weapon against first Voldy, then the Ministry, then anyone else who might interfere with Fumblemorts' plans. I mean, ever portrait, every ghost, every statue and every suit of armor reports to him so just could he not know exactly what's going on and who's doing what? I would also think that as school as old as Hogwarts is must have wards to detect Dark Magical and magic. If so, then Fumblemort ahs allowed all these bad things to happen. And thus making him responsible for any and all damage as well as lives lost there. To me, he's been a Dark Lord masquerading as both a Light Wizard and the Leader of the Light. So I think he's deserving of at least a thirty caliber round through the head. I wouldn't object to it being a fifty or even a twenty millimeter either! I just simply see no use for someone so stuck in the distant past who wants to drag the magical world back to it.