Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) JRTaylor 2020-08-19

Ok, I totally misunderstood this story. Yes, your tagline mentioned the Weasleys and dumble bashing, but that was accomplished quite well in Ch. 1. Then, there's the simple fact that I've never read a "Crossover" fic that STAYED IN THE HP WORLD.
So, please forgive me for assuming that yours did something so alien and unique. I'm rather intrigued!

That said, I'll rescind my original review of Chapter 1.
I'll toss in some griping about the ridiculous way everyone wasted time as Harry died in front of them, and reiterate the obvious: This world is fubar.

Where are they going to hide from two dark lords who are willing to mentally manipulate or outright kill any that get in their way?
You have setup a world that has one 'good' authority figure (Hammer), and if (when) she dies, their fooked for any sort of 'official' help.

Welp, back to chapter 2, to see how Harry gets 'the Force'.

Oh, before I forget, I really liked the idea of what you did with Luna and I'm looking forward to seeing how you play that - and the twins - in the future :)