Review for Loves Punishment

Loves Punishment

(#) whatkatydid 2006-11-30

pats herself down.... Woooh! That was hot hot hot. She's a little fox!
Firstly, welcome to the AUTHORative side of Ficwad, your first chapter was amazing. Very very descriptive and accurate. If your intention was to capture the atmosphere then you did a wonderful job. You defined Ariss'a mannerisms perfectly and esnured her character was in harmony which proves to me you have a firm idea of you want her portrayed.

I'm so excited I cannot wait to read the next chappie! So excited

Nice work! Seriously!!


Author's response

Wowwie! I did not expect this kind of response! You are all seriously sweet! I just wrote. I had no intentions or goals on how I wanted it recieved! I thought of this in the shower, got out typed it up and posted. It is amazing that it got such good feedback! Thank you! I think I have read a story of yours too! So surreal!