Review for Gene-Spliced Harry

Gene-Spliced Harry

(#) Staryfury0901 2021-09-07

I know I've read an HP story where it described Harry shopping for leather clothes somewhere but, I can remember the title nor find any hint of the story. I admit it was a long time ago. So it's entirely possible it was deleted. I remember he was modeling them for I think two women or possibly more. And yes, there were pants in all the outfits he bought. I loved want you did to Snape by the way. Then of course, there was how he and Sirius removed a few " Upstanding Citizens " from their homes. Anyhoo, I've never been able to figure out just what Good Ole Fumblemorts' damage is. He forces his Disorder to fight DEs with minor magic compared to the lethal magic used against them. It's like he wants those on his side to die rather then kill murders. It's clearly known in HP canon that they've murdered entire families! Some even murder for sport! So, why does he always want to protect them?! Snape'sa fine example of why a Death Eater should never be trusted after supposedly changing sides. He can't or won't teach the subject he was hired to! I can't imagine how many jobs go unfulfilled because of his poor teaching. Then there's the joke he's made of the points system. And Good Ole Fumblemort refuses to do anything about any of these problems. Maybe it's time for him to retire to the far side of the Veil in the DOM?