Review for This looks like a job for A.

This looks like a job for A.

(#) whatkatydid 2006-11-30

You know that horrible pressure in my sinuses at the moment, the pain that's waking me up at 3am every morning? Yeah well it just got made worse by the amount of laughing I did through this chapter.

For the love od God Alex, how the hell do you do it?? I mean, seriously??

Here I was at the beginning, in all fairness like yawn and then, ( not not really ) but I was wondering where the hell it was going.

I love being taken for a fool by the writers. It makes me human.

I'm just so happy I married you when I did......

Yeah I have only 3 rating points left, I need spend them wisely, please don't be too funny for the next few days?.....

Author's response

How the HELL do I do it? The answer's in the quesion, wifey.
I'm happy we're married, too. This means I don't have to shower so regularly because I already reeled in my fish. (Did I just reach a new point of rudeness?) ((((Snot Spice))))