Review for This looks like a job for A.

This looks like a job for A.

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-30

my eyes hurt so bad. thank you for making them smile. i was expecting a translation as a footnote because i am the only member of DoJ that doesn't know any foreign language. unless emma doesn't either. hmm, we should ask her so i don't feel like such an outcast.

anyway,looking daggers maybe change to "shooting daggers". just a suggestion.

have i told you lately that i love you? or that i quote shitty music when i'm sad?

oh, and as you read this i have made my final decision: i'm staying. i won't be lonley as long as i have the DoJ. if any of you losers decide to get lives and stop using the internet i'm fucked though. so don't be a loser. or be a loser. depends on how you look at it, i suppose.

Author's response

Andy's Italian will be translated in the beginning of chapter III, don't worry. It turns out Emma knows a bit of... drum roll German. How could anyone deny she was created by an angel and a devil and sent to Earth to become my Mistress? It's just perfect.
Alright, Crystal. Well, I can promise you I won't get a life. It only gets in the way of writing and reading fan fic and generally not having a life.