Review for Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-01

Alright, it's about 11 AM here in Austria and this is Alex, having rushed to the computer lab in-between her two lectures, to reward herself with this little goody. (Not that she actually deserves a reward for having yawned through most of the first lecture and even sneaked out to go to the restroom halfway through it.)

You've proven you've got a very attractive and addictive sense of humor in the course of the previous chapters but now you've also convinced me that you have some damn fine (serious) writing skills in you.
puts hand in her pocket, pulls out a rating point and slams it onto chapter

The flashback scene was neatly connected to what was going on in the present. I loved it. :)
Drop out of school* and update soon! ;)


* Please don't...