Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) brad 2006-12-01

Well, that most certainly DOES put the nail in the coffin regarding Harry linking up with Lily. The 'Ewww' factor had increased, anyway, with his calling her 'mum' when he woke up. In all it's good that you've steered him away from her, although I think you teased us a little with the earlier section on how he could, indeed, view her as a peer and not his mother.

I guess we're supposed to guess it's going to be Ellen, now? Still, as much as I like the idea of childhood friendship, tried and true, evolving into something even stronger/better - one of the reasons I like H/Hr so much - there's no law stating that Harry must fall in love at school.

It's great that Harry is so supportive of Remus, although a large part of the magic of the Marauders was that the other three did so also. I didn't realise that James doesn't yet know of Remus's condition.