Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) howshesews 2006-12-02

dear patrick and greta,

this is a petition from the public, but mostly sarah and crystal. we have something very important to say to the two of you, so now would be a terrible time to stop reading. here it is:

have. sex.

it's supposed to happen. general concensus says you two are made for each other, and who are you to remvoe the stinging arrow of cupid, and place it into someone else.

you're no one to do such a thing, so please have shameless rabbit-sex, and do us all a favor.

thank you for your time,

sarah and crystal...but porbably nobody else.

how's that for a "please just do it" letter? i think it's fabulous. i also think this story is fabulous. all the patrick/greta interaction is amazing. you pull it off well, my friend.

i know you're porbably like, "well it's about time sarah reviewed." all i have to say to that is:

you're right. i'm such a slacker. but here i am, reviewing on this incredible piece of fiction, spelling nearly every other word wrong.

good freaking job, my dear. you're writing is...ugh. gives me chills.

more, more!

Author's response

this is the greatest thing ever. i love you for actually agreeing with me on the patrick and greta love petition. it makes my heart swell with... feeling? no, that can't be it...