Review for Second Fiddle

Second Fiddle

(#) Alatoic01 2006-12-02

Nice chapter,
Its seems that Dumbledore is going to recive a lesson in estrategy.

I wonder if Voldemort is going to not only make an ambush th the Order(just for fun) and in the meantime atack Hogwarts to get Harry?.

Also I hope Snape get cought, he have been doblecroosing to long.

Will Hermione confront her feelings for Harry soon? its obvious what she feel and the sooner she stand for it the better and with that stop the prats of Ron and Neville atacking Harry always.

Hope to read next update soon.



Author's response

The next chapters will answer some of your questions, I hope. There will be confrontation of feelings later, just thinking of a creative way to present it.