Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2006-12-03

OK, I have to make a comment on this story now, because I've noticed that your history background is kind of overwhelming the story at this point in time, and the last chapter, while havinga very firm foundation didn't have the substance I thought that it should. It was like moving a pawn, and not really giving much else. I like the story, however with you utilizing teach methods, if you will, rather than story telling you aren't giving as much core HP, as you are with re-ordered. I like the story and would love to see character development, however, I can already see you laying the foundation for Harry to end up with Ellen, and James ending up with Lily to stop a paradox. I was hoping with Harry meeting Lily's parents that there would be more interaction. Please update soon. I look forward to this story and your other, and you've been very productive with them, the past couple of days. Please continue.