Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) whatkatydid 2006-12-04

A crowded club, the techno beat's blasting across the dance floor where it envelops the dancing masses. Wait....was, surely not.....

I really enjoyed the snappy convo between Pete and Esme when they meet. And then him just flicking his bangs out of his eyes, that was perfect. just perfect!

I don't even fucking know the real Pete. For all I know there's no Real Pete. There's Show Pete, there's Video Shoot Pete, there's Photo Shoot Pete, there's Posing for Clandestine Industries Pete... The list never ends. And actually, they're all the same, those Petes. There used to be a Real Pete, a Pete that was different from those I'm-the-hot-bassist-of-Fall out Boy Petes; he used to come out whenever I was home or with friends, with no media around. He's probably dead now, not sure I want him around anymore. The Real Pete got hurt repeatedly. This was delicious, sorry I quoted it all but it really was. For the first time he's connecting with himself and addressing the issues that likely put him where he is now....whatever it is. I don't wanna guess wrong because I hate being wrong.

Laura, Caren and Esmé. Funny, if you think of it. Cool line but, I don't get it.

Have a rating point already. I got 20 this week....might as well. Ha! You own me. ugh!

Author's response

Ha, it could've been. ;)
I hope this scene doesn't look too much like a rip-off of Tawney's "Escape" thing. Because... well, it shouldn't be. But Esmé's a party girl so naturally, Pete would meet her in a club or bar.
That's quite alright, mate. I'm not allergic to compliments.
Well, I guess you can't really get it as of now. Hopefully it becomes clearer in the c(o)urse of the story why the selection of these women is "funny". Thing is, each of them stands for a different point in Pete's life. You kinda see how he changes from teenage Pete to famous rock star asshole Pete.
You and your snot. Thanks a bunch.