Review for This Isn't What You Wanted.

This Isn't What You Wanted.

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-04

Well, it just semi-suck. And that's why you're just getting a semi-rating point. ;)

My favs:
Scanned his vitals, scanned his wife, looked back to the charts. -> I like parallel sentence constructions if they actually mean something. Like this one. I love little tidbits like this one. :)

repetitively stroking his forehead, if he was awake, he surely would've swatted her hand away by now. -> I have the feeling this is Bea thinking. Right? Like she (thinks she) knows Pete better than anyone else.

Ayla is Pete’s daughter. That is just perfect. For drama, at least. ;)

I am stunned by your insight into the medical profession. All those tubes and liquids and wiping mouths. ;) It’s great ambiance, Katy!

Pete had a very “good” and convincing reason to OD. Very good work on the plot, I believe.

Any chaper that alludes to Pretty Spice and Strange Spice is another milestone for the DoJ.


Author's response

ok stop being nice, you know I hated this chapter. Ok, well I might as well say thanks. so..."Thank You Alex" Thanks for picking up on those lines. Be prepared for more angsty drama!