Review for This Isn't What You Wanted.

This Isn't What You Wanted.

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-12-04

sarah's a hoebageler. haha.

i don't know how you come up with dramatic masterpieces like this, but you are pretty much the shit for being amazing enough to do so.

And when she's sad, she does what he does...she just goes in...into her little world...and you, know where she's a person... i love that Ayla displays one of the most important wentz characteristics. i think this was the best way you could have portrayed that.

"Samuel's not his...." Patrick said bluntly. i probably breathed the biggest sigh of relief ever. i was cheering from behind my laptop. i probably looked like a douchebag. meh.

you used "tru dat". i love you. take a rating point, British Spice. you deserve it.

Author's response

You're about to become the BIGGEST hoebageler...but I'll do it with class. You are a Doctor's wife after all.......