Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) BJH 2006-12-05

Now that happened alot sooner than I was anticipating. I can see Mary's logic though, Harry needs something, or more accurately someone, to ground him and provide a counterpoint in his life to his Destiny (with a capitol D). It will prevent him from going overboard with his power over others. And I loved the logic of the McGregors (as the father of a very cute 13 year old girl I understand their position COMPLETELY!) I will admit that I was surprised that Harry agreed to it without telling Ellen at least some of his Destiny beforehand but that may be colored by reading too many other fanfics.

But personalloy I would have paired James with Elaine and Sirius with Lily at this point. James can't yet be trusted to not make an ass of himself and if Lily gets mad at Sirius than James can look good by reigning him in.

Thanks for the update.