Review for This looks like a job for A.

This looks like a job for A.

(#) rawrlittledino 2006-12-05

Crap author.
Crap narrator.
Crap broccolli sandwi-
Wait, What?

But amazing story. FG has actually come past 'Kill yourself and flush self down the toilet' and improved to 'Kill yourself but preserve yourself nicely for 653 years.'

I say, you've done well.
I think even Sheena would enjoy this one. Thats if Mr Meatball hasn't flushed her down the toilet yet.

We love you Alex.
I mean A.
I mean, Xela.
I mean- Oh, GOD DAMNIT.

Author's response

Why would Mr. Meatball do that? Her hair would only clog the tubes.
Thanks for the r&r. :)