Review for The Dragon Tale

The Dragon Tale

(#) Jensti 2006-12-05

Your cross-over stories are so well thought out. I really love this one. The pace is just right with a gentle building of the relationships and the storyline. If it turns into two stories - all the more for me to read!
You proof read your own work very well and I saw very few typos throughout - in fact the quality of writing is what will bring me back to your work again and again (your Kim Possible story remains one of my favourites!). However, to take you at your word that you want to know about any errors - the last chapter 'took him by surprised'. Seems silly to criticise anything about something I enjoyed so much though but I know how little mistakes creep through despite best efforts and how annoying that can be!
Keep writing!

Author's response

Thank you for pointing out that error, I really do appreciate it! I'm very glad you enjoyed this, it was fun to work out the connections between the two worlds, and really I tried to do something a bit different than the usual visit-to-Hogwarts crossover. I appreciate all of your feedback very much!