Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) brad 2006-12-05

"She had her suspicions about Harry's feelings towards young Ellen" ... yeah, same here!

So, if you're going to preserve James/Lily ... this means that Harry/Henry is likely to be around to see Harry James Potter born and grow up? Interesting. Actually it would be nice to see how he'd interact with both 'himself' and also a young Hermione and Luna. If you're not going to go down the route you took with Hermione and that Old Believer - 'Edward'? - and have a cross-generations romance, which looks unlikely with Ellen being written here as a very nice (and blossoming!) potential match for Harry.

I love the Wizgamamot proposal and the idea of a forced referendum!

"When they solved the problem of inter-mixing the ward potions together in 1975, their income was assured" - nice. Good vibes to see Harry doing his good-guy thing.

"That's about it". Hmmmph. Living longer is pretty much everything you'd want, isn't it? I'd be bloody happy if I was magical and could have double or triple my normal life span.