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Channel Hopping

(#) xloveorsympathy 2006-12-05

wow-ie. another awesome chappie :)

i compleatly love you for the
"I don't even fucking know the real Pete. For all I know there's no Real Pete. There's Show Pete, there's Video Shoot Pete, there's Photo Shoot Pete, there's Posing for Clandestine Industries Pete... The list never ends. And actually, they're all the same, those Petes. There used to be a Real Pete, a Pete that was different from those I'm-the-hot-bassist-of-Fall out Boy Petes; he used to come out whenever I was home or with friends, with no media around. He's probably dead now, not sure I want him around anymore. The Real Pete got hurt repeatedly"

That seriously got me. haha it just helped me figure out something. funny eh.

i just gah love how you write.makes me stop and think all the time, re-read it, think some more etc. you know. hopefully.

well as far as those scary subway sandwich commercials go, think rather large english guy trying to be french, sitting in a vicotiran chair eating a Sub, scaring people and watching there lifes go on when there wondering what there going to have for dinner that night, quite scary really.

well, wow another great one :) cant wait for the next one :P like always.


P.s your mean, always changing things up when i think i finally get something, its so sad. but its also awesome cause it keeps me coming back :P which hopefully is a good thing, i useally scare people sometimes.


Author's response

Second of all ("first of all" was me smiling about your extra long review like an extra moronic idiot), thank you for your extra long review! Thanks for taking the time to r&r.
Even though I do it a lot in this story, I'm always a bit unsure about whether to write stuff like the above paragraph you quoted. To me, it sounds pretty cliché and actually I'm not sure if a human being would think such things. Oh well, it does convey how I want to portrait Pete so I'm sticking to it.
I wonder what you figured out. ;) Well, I don't intentionally change things in this story. (Kinda did that in the Files though.) The whole plot line and main "events" have been laid out before I started writing because I need to be pretty consequent with this kind of story. But I'm very glad that you engage so much in this fic that you're forming your own little theories about what might have happened and what could happen next. :)
Thank you for re-reading bits and pieces. That means a lot to me. :)
Ha, thanks for the info on the sub commercial. In Austria we have singing toilet seats on TV. Well, sometimes mine sings in real life too. That's usually when it's time to shut off the computer and try to grab some sleep.
Hereby I grant you a cameo appearance in the Bass Files sequel. Also, "Wump" = the shit. It's my new in-word. ;)