Review for The Dark Queen

The Dark Queen

(#) caity_party_princess 2006-12-06

I don't usualy read fanfics in this catagory but your summary really caught my attention, through the prologue(sp?) I was thinking, where is this going? And I didn't really get how the summary had anything to do with it but after reading your first chapter it all started to slowly peice together but there are still many answers floating around in my head that need questioning and I am dying to read more, please update!

Author's response

I'm glad you liked my summary, I thought that it wasn't all too good but you just made my day! I'm sorry if the Prologue(You spelt it right) was a bit confusing at first bit I thought it would be better if I started of with the end of the evil queen, you'll see why in further chapters. Thanks again for the review!