Review for The Younger Potter Twin

The Younger Potter Twin

(#) Nautilus 2006-12-07

oh.. this was brilliant. what are you planning to do now.

Have you read "the girl who lived" by SilverAegis. i love that story. its a real pity that the author has given up on it...

if there is anyone, i would like to re-write the story, or post up their own version, it would be you. please do consider it, if you haven't read the story, i recommend you do, its simply brilliant, though i am sure there are factors that you could add to it...

i really hope that you take it up, regardless, i hope to see another story up soon. congrats again, this has been a enjoyable read...

Author's response

That is a good story, and it would have been nice if it were finished. I need to finish 'Re-Ordered' and then get to work on my non-fiction.