Review for Red Love

Red Love

(#) KarmasMessenger 2006-12-07

I am guessing by your delusional self-importance that you are most likely a teenager. You have a very egocentric attitude and are in constant need of attention in whatever manner you can receive it. Unfortunately, this shows in your writing. You may grow to become a good writer, but for now, you are stunted by your own arrogance. You have much to learn, yet I do not think you believe this to be so. Hence, you are inhibiting yourself as a writer.
Perhaps in a few years you will grow from this phase and actually improve. For now, unfortunately, your stories and poetry come across as very cliché. You, I am sure, see them as the most unique pieces in the world, which is a shame. They are banal and lifeless. In the future, I hope you are able to see past your own perceived greatness enough to create something original. For now, your stories are the same cookie-cutter teenage angst filled emo that every other low self-esteem driven teenager regurgitates and posts, believing it to be a true masterpiece.
Well, maybe in time you will outgrow this juvenile stage. I'm sure you will post a response which will only bolster my opinion, so please feel free to do so.