Review for This looks like a job for A.

This looks like a job for A.

(#) whatkatydid 2006-12-08

Follow these impressions:
- Stuck up English/Scottish Girl
- Reads amusing story
- proceeds to ache in the stomach from giggling.
- Rolls of desk chair
- injures forehead on desk
- indentation of the letters v, b, n, and spacebar on her forehead.

What was with Joe's eyes, that was thr freaking most hilarious thing in this chapter. I could have envisioned him so vividly like, perving, eyeballing, blinking profusely over A. as she sat next to him, that was quality.

Mrs Wentz is a brilliant business woman. Pete should be more willing to listen to his Mommy.

More importantly, please tell me Patrick is fed?...My poor little biscuit..

Author's response

You're not stuck up, British Spice. You're just British. ;)
Hey, you owe me some money for those letter tattoos on your forehead. Pay me with updates, wife.
Joe likes curls, I think. ;) Yes, Patrick got a whole bag of oreo cookies in the end. ;)