Review for Pyreflies


(#) helluin 2006-04-05

Ouch. Short, sweet, perfect. It sounds exactly like them, and is painfully plausible. I had the shaky impression that the Father Zuke pilgrimage was before Chappu's death -- our two items of info are that Wakka was still distracted and thinking about the game, on his last pilgrimage, and Chappu died a year ago, just before Wakka's last tournament, after which he sort of retired -- but I am not 100% sure on that. At any rate, I liked this piece; welcome to the tiny FFX fanfic fanatics corner!

/Author\'s Response: I've always been a little leary of writing anything pre-FFX because the timeline has never really been concrete. I remember when I played through it the last time, Chappu had died a year ago, and Zuke was a summoner up until half a year ago. I wasn't sure if the events would be able to coincide at all, so I just kinda winged it. :3 It'd be nice though if any info online could say definitely when things happened in the game.