Review for Live For Today

Live For Today

(#) helluin 2006-04-05

pokes formatting as well

I'm prowling my way back through your stories, since I'm a Lu fan. Lulu is an interestingly complex figure. She can be rather snappish at times. At other times, she's the one urging Wakka to mellow, when he's fussing about Yevon. (I remember her telling him to listen to the Hymn after they fall through the ice in Macalania.) Also, she's so private, it's very rare for her to explain when she's angry, upset, or frustrated -- at least in the game, she tends to blow people off with an "I need to be alone right now." Not to say she wouldn't use Fira! I'm just musing. I can well imagine her being cranky at this stage of the journey, but you might try an experiement, getting the same things across only a little less directly, having her only half-say it. On the other hand I've just written a longer critique than the drabble!

Author\'s Response: I fixed the formatting now...I never knew exactly how terrible it was. XD; I'll have to try some of your pointers with my next fic. Thanks!