Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-12-10

insightful...does that work for you? it works for me. it'll have to do. although the english language permits for far better and more descriptive words, FicWad presents me with only a handful of options to describe this story.

insightful for two main reasons:
-/What all of us have to realize sooner or later is that you can't expect somebody to just come around and turn everything that's fucked-up and miserable in your life into order./
-/Only, in the course of your life different perspectives open up and you re-write plans you've made earlier. We're allowed to take a different route. You live and you learn./

and this at the end:
The mirror's gone. Wonder when that happened. There's no nail on the wall where the mirror hung. And there's no hole in the wall where the nail used to be. And actually, that doesn't surprise me anymore. now, reading into this action...the mirror symbolizes his selfishness and vanity. it's slowly fading away, or perhaps the removal of the mirror was simply helping him to get over himself. either way, it's a fantastic literary devise and i love it.

you make me melt. just when i think there is no way possible for you to one-up the last chapter, you throw something like this out.

Author's response

You hit the nail right on the head. The mirror symbolizes his vanity and self-centeredness. Not really such a covert symbol, come to think of it, eh? ;) Well, reader Crystal always makes writers feel pretty smart. So thanks for that, Strange Spice. :)