Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) patrickdance4me 2006-12-10

aw. poor pet-uh. hehe. right now i am hyper to the max and currently working on yet another energy drink because i have band practice tonight. i am in a praise and worship band! haha. believe it or not. a christian praise and worship band. me. hehe. i play the bass. and the practices are fucking boring. so i will be hyper and energetic tonight. and it wont be boring.

wait. this has nothing to do with the story. damn. i was rambling :[


Author's response

That's alright. For a long time MxPx ("Christian rock") used to be my fav band and I've been an atheist for about the same amount of time. Who cares, right? ;) And playing the bass always balances everything average out. Bassists are incredibly underrated in this world.
Thanks for your rambling and review on the story.