Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) whatkatydid 2006-12-10

OK, what? If you have something to say Alex just say it, don't vent into your writing and drive me crazy with your exquistiveness and capitivate my heart like some crazy twenty something old fan of Fall Out Boy! Honestly!

Here's the reasons why I loved this chapter.

- The frown on her face indicates that she doesn't really understand the words and sentences that her eyes capture.
- I loved that, it was right up my street in the descriptive field....

- He shimmies his legs onto the bed and rests his back against the headboard, - are ya sure you didn't just wanna put "Indian Style" in there....cos I'm thinking you did....

- "I know... How could I forget about Cody and his foot fetish?" - what's wrong with a foor fetish??

- They kiss. - I need more than that....c'mon.

- Your existance doesn't turn into something divine once you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. - the truth is so simple.

Caren was a lot stronger than I'll ever be. And maybe that's why she stuck with me for so long. - I liked this line a lot.

- Yet, I have the feeling that I took a lot more than I gave. - Ok so Pete's finally getting it....

- Only, in the course of your life different perspectives open up and you re-write plans you've made earlier. We're allowed to take a different route - Amen to that.

- To this day, glued to my inner eye. Preserved against time and all other influences from the world outside. - ok now you're just rubbing it in, stop being so damn great.

Have a freakin rating point, shove it up your arse you complete genius.

Author's response

Ha ha, "Indian style". What a lame phrase. I'd never use that. :I
You're a completely complete lovely reviewer. Completely, dude.