Review for Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

Sincerity's In, So Don't You Sound Like You Mean It

(#) riaryder 2006-12-11

alright a couple things.
1. I'm not sure about the Ptrick/Greta thing, mainly because I have no idea who she is and the vid u linked to a couple chapters back made her look like a big butch lesbo. But hey,ho, each to their own. I DO love the way you write them, though. That Stump is a big lumpa love.
2. Belle kind of needs a slap. You have made her one of the most annoyingly frustrating but ultimately endearing characters I've read here.
3. Poor Pete. You've made me feel sorry for Wentz. And that's a hard thing to pull off.
4. This bloody list writing is contagious.........
Now,how bout an update?
Pretty please?

Author's response

i'm in love with lists. you sure do know the way to my heart...

1.) if you want to see greta, check out my profile. i have a pic on there of her and the 'trick.
2.)i wanted to make her into the character that you love to hate. i'm glad it worked :)
3.)i'm officially proud of myself. thank you.
4.)what lists?
...and your wish is my command...