Review for Not Looking

Not Looking

(#) howshesews 2006-12-11

i think i wish as were as brilliantly british as you. and pretty. you're just so pretty.

so, here's the deal. i like pete as a horny douschbag. it's really just my favorite pete so this last chapter sort of made me incredibly happy. thank you for that.

here's the other deal. i love you. uh...woah. that's sort of an intense thing to tell you over the internet, but showing up on your doorstep...not intense?

yeah, we thought so, too. (woof and myself.)

anyway, brilliantly written chapter, and i'm telling you, you're still successfully executing the whole sub-sub plot thing. you're amazing. also, i love you.....again. bitchin'.

now, i'm going to get off of my ass and do something because i'm gettinf fat. excellent couple of chapters, you sexy english beast. i shouldn't have stuck english in there, cause now it just looks like i'm calling you an english beast more than it looks like i'm calling you sexy.


(nice save, huh?)

Author's response

OK, I'm officially in love.