Review for Homecoming


(#) whydoyou21 2005-05-28

So your HTML was acting up too? I had to change styles every time I hit enter to make it leave my lines between paragraphs alone...
Anyway. Yow! Great chappie! Love your set-up - an outcast human girl connecting with the outcast monster... and the little touch about Errol Flynn was fantastic. The guy's got culture! He may be a slimy little worm, but he knows Errol Flynn!
So... if Devon's ugly by human standards (which she may or may not be, people sometimes have a bad opinion of themselves) maybe she'd fit in a bit better in the monster world? Or not? And is Randall any nicer than he was? I'm kind of doubting it, since he's probably had some pretty nasty experiences, starting with Shovel Lady and going on from there.
I did a little dance when I saw you'd updated! Hope to see more soon - and get you on my e-mail alert list as soon as it's available! :-)

Author's response

sigh Yeah; I've come to notice a bunch of other people have had the same problems with the HTML, too (although it looks like it's at least partially fixed now). The good news is that now I know it wasn't a problem with my browser (since I'd just updated it). I hope you haven't had any further problems uploading your chapters; SO annoying, when this stuff happens. :P

Anywho: Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying this fic so far! :) It can be tough posting a fanfic on a new site, without knowing how people there will react to it. So your reviews are greatly appreciated -- they've been a definite encouragement. You also ask some very good questions...all of which, I can assure you, will be answered in one way or another as the story progresses. ;)