Review for Addict For Dramatics

Addict For Dramatics

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-11

"Sorry, the elevator is out." He mumbled sheepishly as he pulled out a key from his pocket. With clumsy, hurried hands, he fumbled with the lock, continuing to act contrite and offer apologies. I found it unnecessary and quite frankly, annoying but his nervous mannerisms worked in his favor. It was kind of endearing. -> Exactly.

"Wow. This is...this is disgusting." He chuckled nervously before rubbing the back of his neck. Ha! ;) Patrick really is a lot like a Japanese cartoon character. So the neck-rubbing works perfectly. Thanks for all the Patricky-ness, Kyle!!!

/"The Lion King?" I repeated, a smirk upon my face. He turned and frowned at me.
"It's got some sweet fight scenes." He said, making his voice a pitch deeper./ -> AW, PATRICK!

I hope the platter and the mug were still dirty (that she hadn’t washed them yet). Cos this Wentz surely ain’t worth breaking clean stuff. holds nose up high

I tried to push him away, but he was bigger and stronger than myself. -> God. She IS tiny. ;)

Patrick’s Smurf coffee mug… -> AW, PATRICK! again

Well, you know what they say, Kyle: Best friends have to become boyfriend and girlfriend eventually. It’s one of them Fan Fic Laws. But I guess you knew that already, huh? ;)

I already rated this thing. Actually without reading it because it was my last rating point of last week. Ha. And I did good in doing so. :)


Author's response

You know the Patrick/Lola hook up is inevitable. What kind of fan fiction writer would I be if they didn't make out a couple times? But you'll have to be patient. Thanks for the point, I'll take good care of him. hugs point