Review for Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth

(#) fyre_byrd 2006-04-07

Oh man, you know I love the way that you have Auron and Lulu dodging the ghost. I remember on my first run through that place I sort of had to run away from fiends sometimes because they were too strong and I love the eerie feeling you give to the fiend's passing.

I really enjoy the way you describe the urns too. Your description is solemn enough to fit into the creepy surroundings.

I like the way Lulu questions Auron's acceptance of her sidequest. I think she observes some very astute things about his character. One of my favourite things about Auron is the way in which he wants people to make their own choices and learn things first hand.

The battle with the lizards is wonderful and breathtaking. It is amazing how swiftly those things can move in the game. I love this blending of gameplay and real battle.

I also enjoy how Auron throws Lulu's words of caution back in her teeth. He doesn't want to be told to be careful; he's too proud. I like that.

I enjoy that your echo screen is a silver pellet.

I enjoy the way Auron comforts Lulu as well. He doesn't coddle her or allow her to dwell on what's troubling her.

"Lulu was painfully aware of the problem from her last ill-fated foray into these catecombs." "Catacombs" is the correct spelling I think. Also that's a lovely word to use by the way. :)