Review for That Which Devours

That Which Devours

(#) Myshu 2006-12-13

There's not an "awesome" rating. There should be.
I damn near fell in love with Seifer (he got the best lines), and Squall, and actually empathized with Xu--but then your trademark kicked in and I could've hated you again.
I could tell from the start that Eden was going to run through everything, yet I still like how you made it the cause, solution to and then once again the cause of everything. The imagery surrounding junctioning is ever-intense and teeth-grinding. Also, props on a unique and really creepy villain, something I hadn't found in ages. I see you're still prodding at the "dark" side of humanity in your writing--good thing you always manage to keep it fresh and crazy.
I should know better by now than to get emotionally invested in a DKfic, but I ended up whooping obscenities at every wrong turn. You write the best bloody tragedies FF8 will ever know.