Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-12-13

you wanna know something? i'm getting sick of leaving you all of these reviews. it wastes your time. you should be writing. wtf.

nah, i'm just kidding. super-lame joke,i know. but i'm just not strange enough to be non-lame right now.

I wonder why all of the "past events" on the channel are only dealing with his past girlfriends/lovers. surely his family, friends, and other social situations have helped/could help to change him. inquiring minds want to know these things, alex.

and i was just thinking that he hasn't had any present events come on the TV lately. i wonder what's up with that.

i'm so lame...

Author's response

I hope the end of the story will justify/ explain why his past events mostly circle around those three girlfriends/ lovers. His family and friends are mainly there to set the mood. The rest of the story will exclusively deal with present moments (on TV). I just needed some time to elapse so things could develop after Pete's death.
Thanks for the strangely lame review, Crystal! :)