Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) howshesews 2006-12-15

wow. at first i thought i was the first to review, but then i saw katy.


i just finally caught up with this. damnit alex. stop writing so much...i can't keep up!

no wait. i take that back. i'll have people showing up at my door with torches and pitchforks if you actually do stop updating so much..

i don't really need that right now.

but i love you, and that's all that matters. excellent story, my german friend. excellent like you!

Author's response

Katy doesn't count. She spells humor with a "u". How unplonk is that? Serio(u)sly...
Yup, sucks to be lagging behind with reading. Speaking of which, THANKS FOR UPDATING BOTH YOUR STORIES AT THE SAME TIME. :P
If I was more of a patriot I'd complain about the "German" thing... but for now, I'll just say: Thanks my English friend. ;)
super tight DoJhuggage