Review for You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison?

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison?

(#) Silvana 2006-12-16

This reviews gonna be alot of favourites...
I like the disclaimer. Go Panic!
Fav lines:. I mean, we're right up there with Al Capone. Sweet.
That's it. You have to find a new boyfriend to wake up at the most annoying times possible."
Childish and pointless, whispering is
"Stop using the fact that you still look sixteen to your advantage.
"But, why would you deny Russian Uzis to two of the most wanted men in the country?" Gerard asked loudly.
and jabbed his cell phone into her back.
Frank snickered. It wasn't a gun. It was just a cell phone.
" AK-47! And a grenade!" Frank exclaimed like a child.
I wouldn't date you if you weren't so cute.
We're being held up by gays?"
"Yeah. Got a problem?"

Oh and the note. That was cool.
And why would you want Gerard flavourd cookies? Not that they wouldn't taste cool, but they'd taste of eyeliner...and hair dye...

Author's response

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I would want Gerard flavored cookies 'cause they'd be sexy. Uh...if cookies can be sexy. But if they were Gerard flavored, they would be!!! Ha. Thanks for quoting all your favorite lines, that made me happt that some lines stuck out to you. Thank you!!!