Review for This looks like a job for A.

This looks like a job for A.

(#) isuckatlifen 2006-12-16

this is a really good story i wish it wasnt over if you get free time you should write more this story could really be alot of things its funny and could posibly be a romance im gonna cry now cause its over so ill be back later to read more of your storys their like ativan only not they make me happy only instead of too many its not enough that kills me

Author's response

Ha ha... you like romances, huh? ;) Well, A. will have a little cameo in the one-shot I started yesterday. It's called "'This the season to drink egg Plonk" and will be posted on Monday under "A collection of FG's understanding of a one-shot". Wow, that was a long line of shameless self-promotion.
I'm glad my stories make you happy. I think my main goal as a writer is making people laugh. :)
Thank you very much for taking the time to review!