Review for Cobwebs On My Zipper

Cobwebs On My Zipper

(#) whatkatydid 2006-12-19

All I can do is smile right now, The chapter title was hilarious. You're so special Alex.

If I can be extra honest with you, which I know always can, I adored the exploration of your writing in this chapter, you dug deep and to say it doesn't work is wrong, because it reall did:
Bored out of my mind, worse than that, bored out of my hat, I threw my small, teensy hands through the unwashed landfill I called hair and my lungs breathed heavily in order to counteract the inertia of the silence. Angry at the intensity of my lameness, I was literally open mouthed at this point. I think I may have even had a snow job face...

You don't have to lie to me, I'd watch it with you if the world was collapsing. Instead of saying that pathetic excuse for a line, I just smiled at her and leaned back on the fluffy recently fixed hotel couch. And THAT'S why we love the biscuit. Amen.

/It was these questions that kept my hips low and my tongue shut.
/ Excellent. Just sheer Excellence.

Alex, I'm really in awe of you and how great you're getting. Remember me when your head swells.


Author's response

wow....i read your apology before I read this and I must say I was uberly confused...but I understand now. Fear not, it was a review that made me laugh intensely even though it technically wasn't to me...Especially the snow job part 'cause me and Melissa have some particticular jokes about that. Nice review...thanks.