Review for "Christmas Carols (A FOB Christmas Challenge)"

"Christmas Carols (A FOB Christmas Challenge)"

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-21


I loved it. And that should mean a lot because I am far from being religious myself.

This is totally Christmas spirit. (Sorry I mess up a compliment with something like "totally".) I'm awestruck. Just beautiful.

Thank you so much for this, Bridget.
You did a great job getting into the mind of Pete. I often find myself especially not attracted to him but you gotta admit, there is something about him. The way he always appears so self-confident, you just KNOW he's hiding so much from the world. (As it is everybody's right to do so.) And I think you captured that perfectly in your one-shot.

:) Happy Holidays and all that mumbo-jumbo to you. ;)

It's a fav.

Author's response

yes Pete definitly has "something". Notice both stories I've posted have featured him.
I always say the reason I don't like him very much is that I think if I ever met him I'd be incredibly attracted to his personality as he sorta reminds me of all my exboyfriends tied up into one--and that's not a good thing (as I'm always attracted to incredibly egotistical men).
Thanks for the sweet review! :) I was shooting for a "christmas" vibe as opposed to a "fall out boy" vibe. The challenge just presented itself in the fall out boy section.