Review for From Different Angles

From Different Angles

(#) jennieman 2006-12-21

lol i love these little drabbles, they're awesome. Especially this chapter, being a natural redhead myself ;) and i swear there is a redhead connection, b/c my best friend is one too, and we're just like that...freaky. anywhoo, loving it, looking forward to more :)

Author's response

Oh, wow, thank you! I must say it was a big compliment to geta review from you- I really love your realistic writing and deffinately adore you for introducing the Archie/Theresa pairing to the fandom. (I myself was trying to think of a clever little way to write about them but couldn't think of anything, you on the other hand were brilliant) Ah, natural redhead, I am a brunette... so I guess I don't feel those same 'waves' as you do, haha. And thanks for the positive reaction. I've seen many drabble-stories done on other sites for other fandoms and thought, why not for CotT? Anyways, I don't want to keep talking about me, so thanks again, and I really want to say that you should coem back, as stupid as Ficwad is, because I absolutely adore your writing. Maybe just post on A simple request from me, which is completely up to you, take care! Demenior