Review for Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping

(#) MMMramen 2006-12-23

HA! Gave you a rating point this time. I win. I can't believe it's over. Like...really over. I loved this story. It touched on something that I can guarantee no other story has. It was wonderfully written by a wonderful girl. Sappy much? Well, I mean it. I enjoyed reading this so much, mostly because I was in awe that someone as silly as you could write such a serious story. Crazy.

But one the afterlife like a huge hotel or something? Like there's a front desk receptionist with an attitude problem and you can ask what room some dead person is staying in? That's kind of what I got out of it. Quite an interesting concept, Miss Alex.

Author's response

The thing that no other story has, that's called "a plot". Ha...
Wonderful I am. Wonderfully ODD, at least I hope so. Well, it's been fun. But now the fun is over. And I will write more funny stuff. Senseless much?
Ha ha, in mind the cell was pretty much just part of the "transitional phase" that Laura talked about. I wouldn't give the dead people rooms. I thought of it as a very wide open space. But it's open to any kind of interpretation. :)
Thanks for your DoJiness and and your special Kyle-flavor. Hope you find lots of roofies under your... whatever you put up at home around this time of year. (Middle-aged Jewish men?)