Review for The Doors of Perception

The Doors of Perception

(#) mayfair_void 2006-12-30

Ginny's love for Harry is nothing but a shallow manifestation of Hero worship. This becomes evident when she mentions that she knew that Harry would go after Voldemort and that's the reason why she loved him. No bigger example of a shallow infatuation than this.

Author's response

While your interpretation is one way to consider it, it's not the only one. I think canon has made it pretty clear that during the first 4 books or so she did have that angle on Harry, but the way I read the ending of Bk6 showed it was not the case by then. I really don't think the review forum is the best place for this conversation. Feel free to drop me a note via my gmail account if you want to explore the issue -- "pitmosh" is my userid there. Or if there's some better place for it here, let me know -- I've figured out just enough on FicWad to post stories somewhat. Thanks for leaving feedback.