Review for Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

Harry Potter and the Touch of Destiny

(#) MLBiela88 2006-12-30

Are you using song titles as chapter titles? i swear "The God That Failed" is a Metallica song, and "Until The End" is Breaking Benjamin...both great bands.

They work well as titles as well, so good job finding ones that fit and great story so far...keep writing!!!

Author's response

Good Call. You are absolutely right, my Chapters are named after songs. At first I tried to come up with original titles for them, but everything I came up with sounded stupid. I decided to use songs that fit how I wanted each chapter to 'feel' and I'm happy with the way its worked out so far. Plus, when my story is finished, it will have its own soundtrack of sorts. Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. The next chapter, titled 'Vicarious', will be out soon.